Most followed volleyball players on Instagram. (SURPRISING results!)

Volleyball is popular worldwide. It is no surprise that volleyball players are popular on Instagram as well. They share stories about their personal life and also some great tips for newer and more advanced volleyball players. It can be a great idea to follow these players as you can learn more about the game. Let’s take a look at the most popular players on Instagram. Here is the list:

Most followed male and female players on Instagram

1/ Yeon Koung Kim

Yeon Koung Kim is the most followed volleyball player on Instagram. She almost has 2 million followers. She is a professional from Korea who currently plays in China. She is an outside hitter and has played in Turkey and Japan before. She also participated in the Olympics and has been the captain of the South Korean national volleyball team. Since she played in several countries, she is well known. Next to being multiple times champions with her team, she has won a lot of personal MVP awards as well. On Instagram, she shares pictures of her team, training and travels.  A lot of big brands such as Under Armour sponsor her, providing her a nice boost for her income.

2/ Pleumjit Thinkaow

Pleumjit Thinkaow is followed by a lot of people on Instagram. She has more than 1 million followers. Since she played volleyball on a professional level for more than a decade, she is able to share a lot of experiences and stories about volleyball. From winning tournaments to competitions, she has seen it all. She also won personal awards for being the best spiker in several competitions. This lady played volleyball in the national team of Thailand. She recently retired after an international career that mainly focused on competing in Asia. Volleyball is very popular in that region.

3/ Sabina Altynbekova 

This player also has more than 1 million followers. She is an outside hitter on the court. Given that she was born in Kazachstan, she opted to play in Asian competitions (including Japan). She has her own fashion brand and hangs out with a lot of celebrities. So far she has not been part of the national team but is still a young player so this could change in the years to come. She shares pictures of her volleyball matches and also her personal life.

4/ Sheilla Castro

Sheilla Castro is a Brazilian two-time Olympic champion. She played in Brazil, Turkey, and Mexico and has a lot of experience as outside hitter. She is from Brazil and shares family pictures and talks about volleyball. Currently, she is playing in the USA as part of the Athletes Unlimited competition (the only female professional league in the USA). She works hard to promote volleyball and make it more popular.

5/ Natália Zilio

This player is from Brazil as well. She won a gold medal at the Olympics. As an outside hitter, she has played in Brazil, Italy, Turkey, and Russia. She has been MVP in multiple competitions as well. On Instagram, she shares stories about her games and team but also talks about her personal life and family. She is sponsored by Adidas. She plays with the number 12. She is often positive despite the challenging sports schedule that she has to complete.

6/Fabi Claudino

Volleyball is very popular in Brazil so another Brazilian player is making the list of the most followed volleyball players on Instagram. She won a gold Olympic medal with Brazil. As a middle blocker, she is great at defending and making sure that the other team can’t get the ball over the net. She played in Brazil, Turkey, and Japan and is a multiple times champion in several competitions. She shares personal stories but also talks a lot about her training and team on Instagram.

7/ Pungky Afriecia

This young player is from Indonesia. She can play in multiple positions on the field as she is a universal player. This is quite unique as not a lot of players can do this. With her 66 inches, she is quite tall. Indonesia is a huge country so she can get a lot of Instagram followers there. She is a new player so still has a lot of room to develop a great career.

8/ Tandara Caixeta 

Another Brazilian volleyball player that makes the list. This already indicates that volleyball is very popular there. She won an Olympic medal as well. She played in China as well. Her role is an opposite spiker. There is some controversy because she might have used certain stimulants when she participated in the Olympics.

9/ Gabriela Guimaraes

Gabriela Guimaraes is another Brazilian player that makes the list. As an Olympic medal winner, she has a lot of experience playing volleyball. At the moment she is playing in Turkey but she won a lot of championships in Brazil before. She is an outside hitter.

10/ Arslan Ekşi

Arslan Ekşi is a Turkish player and the first guy on the list of most popular volleyball players on Instagram. He is a setter and has played for the same team for more than a decade. He was the captain of the team. He was also able to represent the national team. With his 6 feet and 6 inches, he is a very tall player. He uses this length to provide a lot of assist to his team members. At the moment he is retired and focuses on making volleyball more popular.

Bonus: Rachael Adams

Rachael is an Olympic athlete for the USA national volleyball team. She is a middle blocker so mainly focuses on defense. Rachael has played in several countries, from Poland, Italy, Turkey to Brazil. Over the years she has gained a lot of experience and she is happy to share her love for volleyball with the world. She doesn’t have as many followers as the players that we discussed before but this can be explained by the fact that volleyball is still becoming more popular in the USA.

To conclude, we can state that there are a lot of popular players on Instagram. This is mainly international players as a lot of countries in Europe and Asia have professional competitions. These countries also have a big fan base. Volleyball is also very popular in Brazil as they perform very well in the Olympics. There are not a lot of USA professional volleyball players on the list of most popular players on Instagram but this could change in the coming years as volleyball becomes more popular in the USA.