Questions to ask volleyball players: for Yearbook and other occasions (Do THIS!)

If you meet a volleyball player, it can be difficult to talk about their hobby if you don’t know a lot about it. Let’s provide you with some questions to get started.

Fantastic questions can uncover great stories from the most “uninteresting” areas, provide a new perspective on a tired as well as old subject, and rapidly reveal the most significant trends among your players.

Asking your favorite volleyball player the correct yearbook interview questions is the most effective approach to fill the yearbook with amusing anecdotes, memorable phrases, and cultural relevance. Let’s dive in below:

In volleyball, what is your goal?

You can ask what their goals are in volleyball. Do they want to win championships or just have fun with their friends? Volleyball is a team sport but players can have their own goals. You can discuss these and see how far along the player is to achieve them.

Volleyball players are often very competitive so once they start talking about matches and competitions, they might be able to talk for a long time. In essence, you are asking what motivates them to play.

What Kind of Volleyball do you play?

There are several types of volleyball, from indoor volleyball, beach volleyball to snow volleyball. You can ask the player what they have tried before and what they are planning to practice. You can mention bossaball as it is a new variety of volleyball that not a lot of players have heard about. It can be an interesting start to a conversation if you can teach them something new as most people have no clue about how to play volleyball.

There are a lot of types of volleyball that are quite unknown, for example sitting volleyball, pool volleyball. It can be interesting to talk about these with a volleyball player and hear their opinion on these subjects.

How long have you been playing Volleyball?

In 1895, the game was invented. Most players don’t play for that long so you can ask them when they started.

This can give you some insights into what clubs they have played before and how they developed their volleyball skills over time. You can also talk about their previous teams and coaches and what they have learned from playing with them.

What is your best Skill in volleyball?

In volleyball, you have to be able to defend and attack. There are several positions on a volleyball court so you can ask the player where they are standing. Some of them focus on defense, others on offense. That’s something that takes practice. It takes time to develop these skills and therefore volleyball players are often excited to talk about this.

You can also talk about the results of Team USA during the Olympics as the female team won the tournament. It is possible to discuss their favorite player or moment.

Do you enjoy attacking?

A spike, in which the ball is pushed over the net, is a great way to attack. Volleyball players often enjoy scoring and it can give a great feeling. You can ask them how they feel after scoring after a long rally.

Volleyball players often have a great anecdote to tell about a match or something that happened during training. Be patient and let them talk. You can ask short follow-up questions to probe further. A lot of people don’t listen enough after they have asked a question and start blabbing themselves. Be patient and let the player talk about their hobby.

What Kind of Service Do You Use?

Serving is restarting the game behind the court after a team has scored a point. This gives them an advantage as they can start the attack. There are several ways to serve in volleyball. From a floater to a topspin ball. You can ask the player what their favorite way of servicing is. Every player has to do this during a match so players often practice this a lot.

The main difference between a floater and a topspin is how they hit the ball when they serve.

Volleyball: What part do you enjoy the most?

Some players enjoy bonding with the team whereas other players enjoy improving their technique. you can discuss what they like the most. Given that players often spend several hours per week on this hobby, there must be something that attracts them. Keep in mind that volleyball is a team sport and they often have great friends in the team. You can ask about these as well. Sometimes there are tensions in the team. If the player is the team captain, you can ask them how they handle this.

Questions don’t have to be incredibly difficult in order to be incredibly informative.

Summing Up

You’re already two stages ahead of the game if you make sure to keep the questions open-ended and focused. Use some of our questions as a starting point for further conversations. Just show them that you are interested and let them talk. You can acknowledge that you don’t know a lot about this sport. A lot of people pretend that they know something about it but volleyball players will know when you are faking this.

Volleyball is a complex sport and people often understand if you don’t get all the nuances. As long as you are interested and listen with intent, they will keep talking about their passion. There are a lot of aspects that you can talk about (from drills, the team, the trainer to their goals). You just have to find an angle and see what the player enjoys talking about. For some people, it might take some time before they open up. That is OK and you just have to remain calm.


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