What happens at a volleyball tournament? Overview for beginners

A volleyball tournament is a short competition during which the finalists get a medal. The Olympics is an example of a tournament. Each tournament has its own rules so it is difficult to generalize but the basic volleyball rules often apply. You are having six players on each team and then also some players on the bench. There are two main ways to organize a volleyball tournament. 

There are pool-based and bracket-based tournaments. During bracket-based tournaments, teams go head to head and only one team goes to the next round. Sometimes two matches are played but in general, only one match decides who has to go to the next round and who has to go home. Pool-based tournaments place teams in groups.

You have to play against all the teams in the group to see who makes it to the next round. Even if you lose a game, you still can go to the next round. A lot of tournaments are a mix of pool and bracket-based competitions. You start with a group phase and then evolve to a knock-out phase. This allows teams some time to find their rhythm and work together. 

There is a referee present that checks if everyone is following the rules. There also might be requirements in terms of outfits and the ball that is being played with. This makes sure that all the teams have a fair chance and that there are no things that can distract the other team. 

Photo by Stephen Baker on Unsplash

Some tournaments are played between the regular competition. Some teams might decide that they are not going to use their best players as they want to focus on the main competition. This can skew the results of some competitions and weaker teams might be able to snatch a medal. Other tournaments such as the Olympics are so prestigious that they will send their best players.

The Olympics is based on players from a certain country instead of a team. This creates a new dynamic as the players are not that used to playing together so they might have to train quite a lot before the tournament starts to get some rhythm in their game. 

In the past few years, beach volleyball tournaments have become very popular as they are easy to organize. The weather, such as rain or strong winds, might interfere with these tournaments but they are a lot of fun.

The rules are not completely the same as indoor volleyball and it can be a nice challenge for volleyball players to adjust to these. For example, the ball is bigger and the field is smaller as you are playing it with fewer players. It can be a chance to improve your volleyball skills and to meet new people. 

What is it like to play a volleyball tournament or match?

Playing a tournament can be quite intense. Sometimes multiple games are played during one day or week. There is not a lot of time between matches. Players might be tired and still have to play a few matches. This can lead to interesting dynamics as tempers start to flare. Teams might start having discussions if some players are too tired to play at their highest level. Some tournaments allow more substitutes so that it is possible to rest. 

Volleyball tournaments can be quite unpredictable. You might feel that you are in control of it but if you have one bad match, you have to leave already. You have to be prepared to give your all at any moment during the tournament. As a team, you have to be able to deal with this pressure. If necessary, you also need to be able to play faster so that you can score a lot of points in a short period of time to impress the opponent. 

Often a lot of fans are cheering on their team and this can create a great ambiance. You shouldn’t be distracted by this and focus on the ball and your team. 

 In some instances, tournaments use time limits to make sure that the matches don’t last too long. Still, it requires a lot of energy. What is unique about a volleyball tournament is that you might get kicked out if you lose one match if it is a bracket-based tournament.

This means that teams are going head to head and only the winning team can go to the next round. This can lead to spectacular matches where each point is fought for. This is often more intense than a competition because it is often not that bad if you lose a match as there are a lot more coming up.

The pressure sometimes gets to players, especially in the later phases of the tournament. If you have participated in a lot of tournaments, you get used to this. Still, it is never fun if you have to go home because you lost a crucial match after you got close to winning the tournament. 

To conclude, we can say that volleyball tournaments are a lot of fun. They can be quite draining as sometimes you have to play a lot of matches shortly after each other. It can also be intense because if you lose one match, you might have to leave the tournament. This makes the stakes quite high because one set can mean the difference between winning the tournament and having to go home.

You will have to deal with all this pressure when you play a volleyball tournament. Not everyone enjoys doing this but after a while, you will get used to it. You can improve your volleyball skills quite fast if you participate in tournaments as you have to play against a lot of teams in a short period of time. Some tournaments are more spread over time and can last a whole year. Each tournament has its own rules so you have to check these before you join it.