How to make big shoes fit smaller. Easy solution

Have you been looking for a way to make your big shoes fit smaller? The market is full of different kinds of shoe sizes, and it can be difficult to find a pair that fits. But what if I told you there was a way to make your big shoes fit smaller? You can purchase inserts or shoe stretchers that will help with this issue. This works for regular shoes but also for sports shoes.

What to do if your big shoes don’t fit

There are many different reasons why shoes may not fit correctly. Picking the right size is really challenging. You can purchase shoe inserts to help with this problem. These are usually made of foam and can be placed inside the shoe to give it the appearance of being smaller. It is a type of sole that takes up some space in the shoe and makes it appear smaller. Given that it is made out of a soft material, it is very comfortable to wear. It is also quite cheap to get so can be a great solution to this problem. If your feet grow over time, you can always remove this insole. You can also contact a shoemaker to glue the insert in your shoes. This will make it harder to remove it though.

There are many different kinds of inserts. The right kind for you will depend on the type of shoe you have, the problem you’re having with your shoe size, and your personal preferences. In general, they are quite affordable and last a while. You can also take the inserts out of other shoes that you have.

If you get inserts that are too big, don’t worry! You have many options when it comes to sizing them down so they’ll fit your shoes properly. There are several different ways that can accomplish this task depending on what materials you have available to use. The steps are generally as follows:

  1. Place the insert in the sole and check what area is too big.
  2. Measure how big it should be. You can draw where it should be cut on the bottom of the inserts.
  3. Use scissors or a knife to take off pieces from the side or top so it’s smaller.
  4. Place the insert in the shoes again and see if it fits now. You might have to do these steps multiple times to get it just right. It is best to start with removing smaller pieces as you can always cut more.
  5. Once you have found the right size, you can place the inserts in the shoes and wear them.

The best way to get started is by purchasing an insert or stretcher that is designed to fit your needs. You can purchase these items at stores like Walmart or Target. Some shoe brands offer this as well.

Wearing thicker socks can help as well. Socks can take up some space in your shoes and make them more comfortable to wear.

Shoes have to be worn a lot so adding pieces of paper or plastic won’t work as these will move around in the shoe and this makes it uncomfortable to walk. You can get toe filler inserts. These are pieces of foam that you insert in the front part of your feet. These won’t be comfortable enough to practice sports with as they don’t offer enough stability. These products also don’t have a lot of great reviews as the foam tends to get wet or break down over time. It can be a temporary solution but shouldn’t be something that you use for shoes that you wear regularly.

Finally, there are also heel grippers. These keep your heel in place in your favorite shoes. Don’t expect miracles of this though as they are only able to reduce the size of your shoes by a little. They are often glued to the shoes. This glue breaks down over time so it is not really a long term solution. Once again, it is not something that you will use to play sports with.

What to do your shoes really are too big

If the shoe is really too big, you can go back to the store with the receipt and get another pair that fits better. It might be harder to do if you don’t have the receipt anymore though. You might have to negotiate with the store to find a solution. In this instance, you can try to swap them with someone on Craiglist or Facebook Marketplace. This takes some more effort but it can be a great way to get rid of the pair that doesn’t fit.

If you are active in a sports group (such as a volleyball team), you can also ask the other players if they need new shoes. They can use the ones that don’t fit for you. This is often the best solution if you plan to wear the shoes often.

Shoes have to be watertight so that your feet don’t get wet when it rains. For this reason, you shouldn’t cut the outer part of the shoes. Shoes are made out of fabric and rubber and if you start to cut into them, they won’t offer a lot of comfort or stability.


It can be annoying if the shoes that you really like are too big. Buying shoes (especially online) can be challenging and a lot of people pick shoes that are too big. This can make it uncomfortable to walk with them.

Luckily, there are some solutions. Inserts are a great option as they can be cut to size and are quite comfortable to wear. It is also possible to remove them if you don’t need them anymore.

Toe inserts can work as well but they are less strong and don’t offer the same level of comfort. Heel grippers have the same problems. These are cheap and easy solutions but they generally won’t last that long either.

You can go back to the store to see if you can return the shoes that are too big as well. They will often request that you show a receipt.